Safety Technology Package for the New Dodge Charger

One of the most powerful sedans in North America, the Dodge Charger can be customized with several optional packages. You could request more information from Feeny Chrysler Jeep Dodge about the accessories that are available for this full-size car.

The Technology Group adds several accident-avoidance features to the Charger. With some leverage from the Advanced Brake Assist, you might be lucky enough to stop the car just in time to avoid a crash. The Forward Collision Warning comes on before any braking assistance is provided. This alert system gives you some time to pull off some evasive maneuvers in a dangerous situation on the highway.

Designed for extended commutes, the Adaptive Cruise Control is part of the Technology Group. To get the optimum benefits from this cruise control system, you still need to focus on the road ahead. The system will help you maintain the appropriate pace when following another vehicle.



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