If your business frequently does heavy towing, you need a heavy duty pickup with a massive payload capacity. In our opinion at Feeny Chrysler Jeep Dodge, the Ram 3500 remains the pickup that fits this description, combining sheer performance with tech innovation and handsome styling. These two capability features sum up what we mean.

Towing heavyweight items downhill is a unique challenge. You typically have to adjust gears, back off the gas pedal and let the engine help you. Braking is touchy and should always be down at low speed. The Ram 3500 "Smart" Diesel Exhaust Brake simplifies this process, helping you maintain optimal speeds while driving downhill through the city. The feature is equally adept when used with lighter weights or even loads that come close to the Ram 3500's 3-ton payload capacity.

This connector is integrated into the Ram 3500 bumper, offering a discreet source of connectivity for your trailer's electrical system. The interface is easy to use and engineered for utmost safety. Why not take a look at it for yourself? Come by our place today and enjoy a test drive.



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