Tour the Country With the Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid

For decades, Chrysler minivans have been the go-to vehicles for families. You may have fond memories of riding in the back of a Chrysler minivan. You likely have wonderful memories of been driven to school and of playing games in the backseat during long summer road trips. If you are a parent, you want to share those experiences with your children and help create new fond memories. The Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid is America’s first hybrid minivan, and its best in class fuel efficiency makes it ideal for long family road trips.

The new Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid has an outstanding fuel economy of 82 highway mpg. Hybrid technology allows the Pacific Hybrid to have a maximum trip range of 520 miles. Of this maximum range, 488 miles can be driven on gas alone and 32 miles can be driven solely by the van’s electric motor. The Pacifica’s fuel economy, combined with its long range, makes it an excellent cross-country vehicle and daily commuter.

Furthermore, the new Pacific Hybrid is equipped with regenerative braking. The regenerative braking system allows the van to charge while mobile without being plugged into a charger. The system uses the energy generated from braking to charge the electric motor. If you want to share the memories you had from when you were a kid with your children, consider a minivan. Visit Feeny Chrysler Jeep Dodge and a member of our team will set you up with a test drive.



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