Express Your Personality With the Chrysler 300

Many drivers feel that the appearance of their car is a reflection of their personalities. The same is true for many of our customers who want a full-size luxury sedan. The Chrysler 300 give you the statement that you need when driving down the road, while also allowing you to incorporate touches that say, "This car is mine!"

Wheels are a big part of today's look, and with the Chrysler 300, you have a choice of wheels that measure 17 to 20 inches in nine different designs. Just as important for many drivers is the color. Choose from among nine different premium paint hues including Ocean Blue Metallic and Billet Silver.

How about making your car extra special? With the S Model Appearance Package, your car will have daytime running lamps, sculpted sill moldings and a rear spoiler. The premium 300C gives you even more, with a distinctive exterior featuring a chrome grille and other accents.



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