A Spongy Feeling with Your Brake Pedal Means an Issue with the Hydraulics

Spongy-feeling brakes shouldn't be ignored; they could be a sign of problems with your brakes at a variety of points on your vehicle. Although there are several places that your brakes could need repair, all of the damage causes a problem with the pressure in your brake lines.

You see, your brake lines have brake fluid in them that works on hydraulics to create the pressure against your rotors to cause your vehicle to stop. If there is air in the line, if there is damage to one of your brake lines, or if there is corrosion to your wheel cylinder, master cylinder, or disc brake caliper that causes a brake fluid leak, then your vehicle's brakes will lose the pressure needed for the hydraulics to be effective.

If you are experiencing any spongy feeling to your brake pedal, come by our service center here at Feeny Chrysler Jeep Dodge in Gaylord, MI, and we'll be happy diagnose the problem and fix your brakes for you.

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